Hi Momma!

I’m Brynn; newborn photographer, toddler wrangler, and lover of french pastries 

Like so many other mothers, when my daughter was born I wanted to freeze time. I realized the value and importance of a photograph only grows as life charges onward. 

I became obsessed with teaching myself the art of photography and I knew I found my passion where the threads of my life’s story and my talent collided.



a girl got lost on her way to becoming an artist and found herself climbing to the top of the ladder in corporate America. One day years later, she looked around and realized she was chasing the wrong dream, and went in search of her own.

A manager of a highly skilled global marketing team, I had the dream career. Yet, what I was doing just didn’t make me feel whole, and I missed creating something beautiful with value beyond a great ROI for a corporation. When my daughter was born, I realized I have a heart for caring for children and for making them feel seen and loved in a way that was sometimes missing in my own childhood. 

Living the life of a busy executive, my parents relocated us across the country several times before I was ten. Through the changes, the things we adorned our house with and the pieces that traveled with us from place to place became my true home, as I knew buildings were temporary. I am passionate about making each child understand how special they are through my photographs with finished artwork to remind them daily of their importance. 

One of my favorite moments in my client experience is when children recognize themselves in the finished products in their homes.

Their faces light up when they see themselves on their walls and they are mesmerized flipping through album pages. The first home they had was your arms, and it is such a gift to them to document it. 

When I’m not behind the camera and following my free-spirited children around, you can find me trying to become a somewhat competent gardener, snacking on french pastries and red wine, and listening to Taylor Swift on repeat. 

My personality style

lets be friends!


I am an INFJ, “the Advocate”, approaching life with thoughtfulness and imagination. Only about 1% of the population is the same type.


I plan out each vacation by the hour in a color-coded excel doc.


I’d rather catch a sunrise than a sunset any day.


I am very sentimental, but don't always wear my emotions on my sleeve. 

I’m a little bit sarcastic and have a pretty dry sense of humor.



Places I’ve been

Kenmare, Ireland; Lake Como, Italy; Adirondacks, New York; Southern California

Past times

Gardening, reading fiction & fantasy novels, and baking.

Drink of choice

Flat whites in the morning, red wine and old fashioneds in the evening.

Usually craving

Chocolate croissants, fresh fruit, and cheeseburgers.

Favorite Season

Spring, give me all the blossoms.

Most adventurous thing I’ve done

Jumped off a cliff canyon swinging in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Favorite TV Show

Schitts Creek. Ew…David!

Beach or Mountains

Mountains have my heart always. I actually hate sand.

Family and newborn photography that is easy luxury located in Columbus, Ohio.

Motherhood is wonderful and beautiful but full of long days and a flurry of activity. I know that sometimes it feels that time is moving faster than you can keep up with and your children change relentlessly along with it. My clients know that investing in family and newborn photography is important, but it can feel really overwhelming to think about all the pieces they need to manage to make it happen. When you work with me and become a part of the Brynn Burke Photography experience you will never have to worry about any of those minute details. We alleviate those extra steps of work, whether it be coordinating a hair and makeup artist for your session, styling your family with my wardrobe filled with soft & romantic pieces, or supporting the installation of your framed gallery of heirloom artwork. This allows you to let go of the pre-session stress and simply focus on making your children feel special and loved during your session. The resulting images are filled with pure connections and the finished albums and frames will be treasured for generations to come.

An                     family & newborn photography experience from inquiry to artwork.



Award winning Columbus newborn and family photographer.  Effortless portraits for the busy, tenderhearted mother.