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We spent a week last summer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Every year we make sure to take a vacation. I need that clean break from the every day to recharge. This was our first large vacation with Rory. She’s generally very adaptable and easy going, but still, we wanted to ease into traveling with a tiny human with many needs.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from Jackson Hole, but it was idyllic. It was filled with tourists, but somehow still managed to be peaceful and quaint. The town was small but lined with local shops, restaurants, and galleries. Minutes outside of town and the expanse of the frontier was in front of you. It felt wild and wondrous and had a way of making you feel very small. I mean small in the best sense. In the way where you feel like a tiny thing that has this grand opportunity to live on this earth in the presence of huge, magnificent things. Suddenly, the realization that things troubling you and that we get caught up in, are really a very small when compared with a literal mountain standing before you.

We spent two days in Jackson Hole, two days in the Grand Teton National Park, and two days in Yellowstone. We walked around the small town and enjoyed the best quiche lorraine I’ve ever had at Persephone Bakery. It is truly life changing. We wandered around Jenny Lake for a few hours and enjoyed the scenery from the rim trail before taking their ferry back across the lake. Another day we walked to String Lake which is highly underrated in my opinion. There was almost nobody else on the trail and it was so peaceful walking by the water. We even saw a deer wander on the path right in front of us. We saw the old homesteads of Mormon Row and stood in awe at the casual views of the Tetons from their backyard and wonder at how they forged a life and thriving community in the harsh climate. By far my favorite was getting up at sunrise to see the pastel colors light up the Tetons. I was exhausted and freezing at 5AM, but then the sky would light up and take my breath away.

Yellowstone was alien and beautiful. I felt like I was literally drinking in the vibrancy of the colors at the Grand Prismatic Spring and all the other thermal pools. The heat (and sulfuric smells) wafting was the only sign that these beautiful, gem colored reflecting pools might not be as friendly as they seemed. Michael and I kept saying to each other it looked like a serene pool we would have wanted to jump right into. You would really not want to do that, as they were so hot it could literally boil you.

We spent two days in Yellowstone, and we still had so much of the park we did not get to see. It’s vastness is incredible. You could drive for hours before you reach a different end of the part. Outside of the really well kept highways and hospitable road stops, it is wild. Trees climb high and stretch organically into the distance. Some jagged lines in the twining expanse were cut from forest fires and you can see the charcoal scars on the bark like dark shadows. As the roads wound on, suddenly the forests would open up to a lazy river curling it’s way through the valley, or a placid lake with fog hugging it’s distant shores.

We went to see Old Faithful, and luckily managed to arrive on a day and time where there was not a huge crowd. We got a front row seat, but as the minutes passed, Rory became restless. So Michael took her and held her tiny hands as she teetered down the boardwalk. I did not get a good picture of that moment, but it’s one of my favorite memories from the whole vacation. It filled my heart, because while this vacation was good for me, it was so good for her too. She was fearless, and curious, and it seemed like Michael was holding her back more than helping (she cannot walk, Michael was a requirement), but I felt like I saw her spirit running ahead boundless. When it finally erupted we were surprised as we were misted with brisk water.

We saw the picturesque Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and a herd of bison roaming around the Hayden Valley. We hiked into the wilderness on the Fairy Falls trail. It was so hot, and it was way longer than we expected, but when we saw that falls breaking through the trees, it was so worth it. Rory cooed softly at it, and I thought, “me too, little girl”.

Looking back at these pictures, I love the beauty I was able to capture in the landscapes, but I’m sad at the very few family pictures. I’m only in a handful, and I regret that incredibly. I wasn’t even thinking about it, I just got caught up. Isn’t that how it always is? I look at these pictures and I remember the stories along with it, but it’s the pictures with my family in it that really connect me to it. Friends, fellow momma’s, dad’s, grandparents, whoever, don’t forget to get yourself in front of the camera, too.

ohio photographer view of signs and details at jackson hole wyoming
ohio photographer water views with mountains at the elk reservation and snake river
ohio photographer wildflowers and sunrise over the hills at jackson hole wyoming
ohio photographer dad holding baby and smiling in travel carrier at old faithful
ohio photographer geothermal pools and blue and yellow details at yellowstone
ohio photographer mom holding baby at old faithful
ohio photographer old faithful erupting
ohio photographer landscape at grand prismatic spring in yellowstone
ohio photographer dad and baby walk along boardwalk at grand prismatic spring
ohio photographer view of grand prismatic spring from hike
ohio photographer baby in travel carrier smiles and gets ready for hike along jenny lake in wyoming
ohio photographer dad carries baby along jenny lake in grand teton national park
ohio photographer water and evergreen trees at jenny lake at grand teton national park
ohio photographer old homestead at mormon row in front of grand tetons with long grass blowing in the wind
ohio photographer dad holds baby with pink bow while she snacks in prairie at grand teton national park
ohio photographer views of bison along hayden valley and winding rivers and lakes at yellowstone
ohio photographer the grand canyon of yellostone
ohio photographer views of the evergreen forest and mountains in the distance at yellowstone
ohio photographer quiet green landscapes with rolling clouds at hayden valley
ohio photographer a river winds through the green valley at hayden valley at yellowstone
ohio photographer sunrise breaks over the hills with yellow and purple clouds and swans drifting on the water at jackson hole wyoming
ohio photographer baby smiles at camera through hike along jenny lake and towering tetons in the background
ohio photographer brambles and thistles at grand teton national park at sunrise
ohio photographer alpenglow on the grand tetons with pink clouds and yellow sunrise along the valey at grand teton national park
ohio photographer day breaks over the grand tetons with soft clouds in the sky

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