Top 5 Best Splurge Nursery Items

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You asked for it and here it is! My list of the top 5 best splurge nursery items. After two kids of my own, and working with tons of new moms over the last three years I’ve gotten to see and chat about some of THE BEST items we’ve found for our kiddos.

Do you need these things? No. These are 100000% unnecessary for a happy and healthy baby. Do I love these things? Yes, a thousand times yes.

  • Bassinet Stroller Attachment. We got the Uppa Baby Cruz stroller for Cash and it was my favorite splurge we ever got. We had a travel system left over from Rory, but the whole bassinet thing was new for me. It was incredible. I never really took Rory for walks because it was just a huge hassle to get her in and out of her car seat. There is none of that with the bassinet. You just lay them down and go. Amazing. The  convenience was so valuable during those first weeks and months when you feel so stretched thin. Plus, Cash was comfortable. He could just lay down and look around or fall asleep.
  • Mamaroo. This item has mixed reviews, even in our household. Cash would not have it. Rory slept in it for ages. This thing either works or it doesn’t. But if it works man it’s a God send. The hours of time I got back while Rory napped unassisted. It’s true, you can wear the baby, but I always felt like I was tip toeing around, and I certainly couldn’t cook while they were napping. With the Mamaroo the house was my oyster.
  • Kyte Baby Sleep Sack. We didn’t know about sleep sacks with Rory. Or maybe I did but I just didn’t understand it. Like why give them a weird toga blanket? Comfort and coziness my friend. Cash couldn’t wear these until about 6 months, but they have replaced his swaddle/Merlin’s suit in helping him have a routine for bedtime. Now, he rubs his hands all up and down and I can tell the softness is comforting him. Kyte’s sleep sacks can be used all year round, but I find them especially beneficial in the winter. Cash is a baby who does NOT like to be even a little bit cold. The sleep sacks allow us to give him a blanket layer to keep warm while following safe sleep. Kyte’s are made from bamboo fabric and are so buttery soft it’s unreal. Plus they have beautiful colors I just didn’t find often in baby clothes.
  • Wrap carrier AND Lille Carrier. You don’t “need” one carrier let alone two, but these things are my best friends. I didn’t have a wrap carrier with Rory, just the Lille. It was fine, but there is something about the wrap carrier during the newborn/infant stage that is just much more comfortable and soothing- I think for both of us. The wrap allowed me to feel like I was snuggling him, with minimal digging into my body. When that baby got bigger though, the Lille carrier is key. My back always hurt with the ring sling, and Cash always wants to face outward now. The Lille allows him the comfort of being held, while I save my back and keep my hands.
  • Magnetic Onesies. I also did  not know about these with Rory, but these are incredible during the newborn phase. These sleepers close with magnets instead of buttons or zippers and let me tell you, at 2AM you will never love anything more. I will say, once Cash got more active, the magnets would pop open as he was kicking/crawling. However, if I ever have another kid I probably will ONLY get magnet sleepers for the newborn stage.



photographer with her kids shares her top 5 splurge baby items


I hope this helps you! I have found such comfort and support in the community of mother’s I’ve been around and I hope you know you have a cheerleader in me. Let me know what your favorite splurge item is in the comments!

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  1. Ashley says:

    Love these tips! The uppa bassinet was a splurge but SO nice for a little sibling who constantly had to nap at activities for her older brother! I might even argue that the kyte baby sleep sack is in fact a necessity 😉

    • Brynn Burke Photography says:

      Yes, I completely agree! And yes, the sleep sack is a necessity in our house! I’m pretty sure Cash would have climbed out of the crib by now without it 😅

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