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We live in a digital world. I’ve grown up with the internet so to speak and I’ve watched my behavior with photos change over time. When I was young disposable cameras were all the rage. We’d spend an afternoon taking pictures and anxiously await them coming back from Walmart.

When I went to college, suddenly photos were shared through facebook. Sure I had a few printed out on my walls, but I mostly kept and shared pictures on my phone, my portable digital camera, and facebook. We all lived through the albums shared there. Sent little messages, “can you PLEASE take that horrible one of me down” and watched how many people liked those albums. Digital was and still is a great way to share photos with people separated by great distances.

Now, I’ve spent several years in homes with empty walls and bookshelves with no photo albums. I’m on my computer all day for work and I can guarantee you the last relaxing thing I want to do is stare at my computer screen longer. Even for my sweet photos. But it’s SO EASY to not print them. Am I right? So I’ve made a quick list of my top two reasons as to why I think you should print your photos:

  1. Prints last forever.
    1. Do you back up your computer? Oh you do? Well you’re in the minority. Only 33% of people back up their computers once a month or more, and for 41% it’s been over a year, or never. (Statistica). Heaven forbid your computer kicks it and you lose all those images. Even the ones you’ve paid for. Printing gives you an extra backup. You can always make a new digital scan from a print if you need to. The print lasts forever, regardless of computer and pixel power, changing software, etc. It’s paper, tangible, and real.
  2. Make a house a home.
    1. I have found that empty walls make a house feel like…well just a house. It feels temporary and foreign even. Hanging up your photos makes it a home. You are marking it with your memories. It also reminds you every single day of those beautiful moments and you feel an immediate sense of gratitude. Especially if you are paying someone to take your photos, you should display them! You valued them enough to get your whole family out there and you deserve to enjoy them every day. Not just as your desktop background or that one Christmas card. My daughter gets SO MUCH JOY looking at printed photos and seeing her face on the wall. Studies have shown that it makes children feel important and that she belongs here and has value. That’s pretty cool.

I get it. The biggest reason I hear people “just want the digitals”. Is because they plan to print them themselves, later. BUT DO YOU? I sure don’t. I’m a photographer who treasures my images and I had a backlog from 2008 based on the evolution I discussed. It seemed like I always would, but then got overwhelmed at trying to do it. There are so many options and vendors out there, it can for sure be overwhelming. Realistically though, when you boil it down, there are basically two big options with a lot of variety in them.

  1. Wall art.
    • Canvases, frames, metal prints, wood blocks, etc. Those are all just stylistic and your friendly neighborhood photographer can walk you through that. The basic question is do I have a blank wall or walls I would like to have pictures on? I personally love wall art. I never really put a frame on a shelf (it’s always falling over) and other home decor just seems strange to put on my walls to me. I get personal with my walls. Plus there’s something just so beautiful and timeless about a huge 20×30 image. It’s breathtaking.
  2. Albums
    1. These are particularly great if you just cant decide. If you’re the photo obsessed momma who can’t simply choose or narrow down ANY of your newborn’s cute expressions. This is for me. I mean you. I obviously have both albums and wall art. I love how an album can tell a story of a time. You get to see the details, the interactions and the variety of the photographs all in one place. The albums I purchase for clients are hardbound, hand sewn, and flat lays with paper so thick you can’t even bend it. This guy’s going to last you forever.


toddler boy peeks out and plays in curtains
newborn girl in grey sleeps on couch
big brother held by dad gives pregnant mother a flower
newborn baby girl with flower headband sleeps in white
two reasons you should print your photos mock of up living room with couch and three frames with newborn pictures added to it
two reasons you should print your photos bedroom mockup with three images hanging over bed

Brynn Burke Photography specializes in maternity photographynewborn photographybaby photography, and family photography in Columbus, Ohio serving the central Ohio area including Dublin, Powell, New Albany, Granville, Delaware, and Dayton.

I believe every family is unique and family photos are your most priceless possession. A luxuriously crafted experience, including a full wardrobe stocked with designer gowns, beautiful clothing for the littles, and organic and artful toys for play, allows your session to be carefree and enjoyable.

Sessions can take place in the studio centrally located in downtown Columbus or the outdoors in the field at sunset. A natural light photographer, regardless of what you choose the result is dreamy portraits that showcase your true emotion and connection.

I would love to begin planning your custom portrait session. If you would like more details on the session experience with Brynn Burke Photography please click here. If this is something you would love for your family, please head over to my contact page to get started.

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