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Oh dreamy, romantic film. You stole my heart. 

I’ve always been a romantic. This time I was swept away with the idea of the craft of photography in a film camera. There’s something that feels more physical, and more like a craft working with film than a digital camera. Maybe it’s the mystery, not knowing exactly what the image you just took looks like. Maybe it’s the physical act of placing the film into the camera and sending it in to develop. It feels special putting film into the camera. Even the sound the camera makes is nostalgic. 

I spent the last year basically relearning how to shoot with film. Everything is backwards from a DSLR. In a DSLR you are careful of your highlights, whereas in film you watch for those shadows. You can adjust your settings on the fly and know exactly where your image needs tweaking with a DSLR, where as with film, you have to pay very close attention at your exposure, be selective with your shots, and hope for the best! It wasn’t like I developed two rolls of film and was like, hooray, these are amazing. Honestly, there were some really bad first images. BUT the ones that did turn out, dang they felt magical and special.

I am so excited to offer this film add on to my clients. It’s aesthetic really cannot be matched. You can get close with digital in matching your images to film in editing, but honestly I like to keep them a bit different. Digital images are beautiful in their sharpness and your ability to get smooth color. Film is gorgeous for its airy, soft quality. 

Take a look at these images from the same session to see the difference between the two. The digital files are on the left while the film is on the right. What’s your favorite? 


Best Columbus Ohio Baby Photographer twin boy and girl lay on bed with mom's hand holding them
Best Columbus Ohio Baby Photographer mom in white dress holds baby in yellow and green bloomer and bonnet
Best Columbus Ohio Baby Photographer mom in white dress snuggles sleeping baby in white bonnet
Best Columbus Ohio Baby Photographer mom holds sleeping baby in green bloomer and white bonnet
Best Columbus Ohio Baby Photographer mom holds baby girl facing out in white studio
Best Columbus Ohio Baby Photographer mom holds baby boy in yellow bloomers in white studio

Brynn Burke Photography is a baby photographer in Columbus, OH also specializing in  family photographymaternity photographynewborn photography, and serving Columbus, Dublin, Powell, New Albany, Granville, Delaware, and Dayton. All clothing from the session above is borrowed from my studio wardrobe.

I believe every family is unique and special. To me, family photos are the most priceless possession. Sessions can be held in the studio for more traditional portraits, or in the field at sunset. A luxuriously crafted experience, including a full wardrobe stocked with designer gowns, beautiful clothing for the littles, and organic and artful toys for play, allows your session to be carefree and enjoyable.

I would love to begin planning your custom portrait session. If you would like more details on the session experience with Brynn Burke Photography please click here for more details.

If this is something you already know you would love for your family, please head over to my contact page to get started. I’d love to chat with you!

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