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Hi! I’m Brynn!
I’m so excited you’re here. I absolutely love to share my work and here you’ll find previous sessions of my gorgeous clients and my thoughts on all things motherhood.
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Gift giving is my love language.

Did you catch it? 

Full time photographer.

It’s such a weird and wonderful feeling all mixed together. Part of me is terrified to take such a leap, part of me has been aching for this for years. 

I don’t talk about it much, but I’ve spent the last six years in marketing for a large tech firm after receiving my MBA. It was a dream job, working with the most hardworking and kind group of people I have known, and in a lot of ways I feel like I grew up with that company. I got married, moved four times, and had two children all while working there. I started off running small campaigns and finished running a marketing automation team. It’s really cool. 

The first big shift in myself I noticed was back in 2018 when we first moved to Ohio. Dropping Aurora off to daycare for her first 9 hour day almost broke me. I cried in my office for the first couple of weeks. I share this not because I feel like there is a right or wrong way you are supposed to feel as a working mom, but because I felt like I had to hide so much of what I was going through. I hope if anyone has a similar story, they feel less isolated knowing that.

Over time, I noticed my priorities had altered completely. I was daydreaming about how to make the next photograph instead of innovative campaigns. I missed my daughter horribly. I dreamed of more flexibility in our life. The preservation of my children’s childhood in images felt so much more important to me. Offering that gift to others with my business felt so much more meaningful with every album and gallery delivered. 

After three years of juggling being a wife, mom, a full time marketing manager, and a photographer, I can finally step back and focus. I’ve already poured my heart and soul into Brynn Burke Photography. I cannot wait to see what this becomes now that I can pour my time into it too. 

If you’ve supported me along the way I’m so grateful. If you were my client, thank you for trusting me. If you liked or commented on my blogs or work on social media, thank you for advocating for me. If you sent me kind words and encouragement, thank you for lifting me up. If you were my mentor or teacher, thank you for guiding me and helping me find myself in my art. 

A glimpse into summer of 2021… (for more of my personal work follow along at @brynnmarieburke )

Columbus Birth photographer Dublin methodist Hospital

Columbus Birth Photographer new mother in leopard print robe rests hand on newborn
Columbus Lifestyle Newborn Photographer detail image of newborn eyelashes and nose
Columbus Lifestyle Newborn Photographer detail images of fingers in black and white
Columbus Lifestyle Newborn Photographer detail images of toes in black and white
Columbus Portrait Photographer mother holds newborn in blue wrap
Columbus Lifestyle Photographer mother snuggles newborn on bed
Columbus Lifestyle Newborn Photographer mother sits with newborn in purple dress on white sheets
Columbus Portrait Photographer young girl in orange dress and pig tales clips flowers
Columbus Lifestyle Travel Photographer little girl collects shells on beach in black and white
Columbus Lifestyle Travel Photographer mother breast feeds baby with young daughter nearby on beach
Columbus Lifestyle Newborn Photographer detail images of curly hair in black and white

Photographing newborns is complete joy for me, and if you’re expecting I would love to chat with you if you’re in the search for a photographer. Connecting with me to setup a call is as easy as emailing me (brynnburkephotography@gmail.com) or filling out my contact form.

Brynn Burke Photography is an award winning newborn & birth photographer in Columbus Ohio also specializing in maternity photographybaby photography, and family photography. She serves the central Ohio area including Dublin, Powell, New Albany, Granville, Delaware, and Dayton. Recently awarded as a top 21 newborn photographer and top 10 family photographer by Expertise in Columbus.

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